The research works developed at the Experimental Algorithms Laboratory (LAE), located in the Center of Studies in Oil and Natural Gas (NEPGN) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), are of great importance in the pure and applied research. These researches impact specially in the area of Evolutionary Computation regarding to heuristic algorithms for the solution of combinatorial problems, including Multiobjective Optimization problems.

The group has created a technique for the development of evolutionary algorithms called Computational Transgenetics, applying it in the solution of several problems in the area of Combinatorial Optimization. Among the problems for which this technique was applied are classical NP-hard problems, like the Quadratic Assignment Problem, the graph colouring problem and the Traveling Salesman Problem, as well as real problems of location, planning, scheduling, optimization in oil and natural gas problems, networks optimization, and in the development of logistic decision support systems.

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